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Application to the program deadline: February 1st

Ph.D. Students

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is designed for advanced study in communication sciences and disorders, intersecting disciplines, and development of research and teaching strategies. The PhD is a post master’s research degree.  Part and full time study is available and can take from four to seven years to complete. Full time study can be completed between three to five years. Typically, part time study is completed between five to seven years. The university’s time limit for completion of doctoral study is seven years, but both routes are estimated to be completed within a shorter amount of time.

  • Full time: 3-4 courses per term with Graduate Assistantships and stipends available
  • Part-time: 1-2 courses per term



-Full-time and part-time programs
-“Intersecting disciplines”: Coursework with related departments
-Mentoring in basic or applied research
-Special multi-department coursework and practice in teaching
-Grant writing, supervision (includes online teaching)
-54 hours of post master or post AuD coursework, written and oral exams
-12 hours of dissertation

-Graduate assistantships
-Tuition waivers (in and out-of-state) for full time approach students

The Ph.D.  is a 66 hour degree, 54 hours coursework and 12 dissertation:
-18 hours CSD courses
-21 hours “tools courses” which include statistics, teaching course, teaching practicum and grant writing course
-12 hours “intersecting disciplines” which is your minor area of study.
-3 hours professional seminar course
-12 dissertation hours
Graduate School Bulletin

Dr. Denise Tucker
Director of Doctoral Study
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