Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

School of Health and Human Sciences

Established in 1967, UNCG Speech and Hearing Center is a nonprofit clinic offering speech, language, and hearing services to citizens of the Piedmont Triad and beyond for nearly 50 years.  Our doctoral-level audiologists are state licensed and nationally certified. We embrace a holistic approach to hearing health care.

Our audiological services include comprehensive hearing evaluations using a patient-centered approach that takes into account your unique hearing profile, cognitive, physical, and emotional factors, and listening needs.  In addition to a detailed case history, our diagnostic evaluation includes:

  • Otoscopic inspection of the ear canal and ear drum to identify excessive wax or presence of another pathology that requires medical intervention
  • Acoustic immittance to evaluate health of the middle ear (as appropriate)
  • Pure-tone audiometry to evaluate hearing sensitivity in each ear and describe the severity, type, configuration and symmetry of hearing loss
  • Otocoacoustic emissions to measure outer hair cell function (as needed)
  • Speech audiometry to assess your ability to understand speech at comfortable, conversational, and soft listening levels
  • Speech-in-noise testing to determine speech understanding in challenging listening situations
  • Professional counseling on results and implications for communication with personalized recommendations by a licensed audiologist

A comprehensive report of test results will be sent to the referring physician for patients with Medicare Part B.
Income-based financial assistance also is available.

For an appointment, call (336) 334-5939.  We are conveniently located on the campus of UNCG on the third floor of the Ferguson Building.  Free parking in an adjacent lot is provided.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Lisa Fox-ThomasDr. Lisa Fox-Thomas, Ph.D., CCC-A
Clinical Audiologist, Certified Health Coach           
AP Associate Professor
Specializes in tinnitus, sound sensitivity (hyperacusis,
and misophonia) and auditory processing disorders.
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Amy MyersDr. Amy Myers, Au.D., CCC-A
Clinical Audiologist
AP Assistant Professor
Specializes in hearing loss, amplification,
and implantable devices (BAHA).
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