Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

School of Health and Human Sciences

The UNCG Speech and Hearing Center offers unique workshops designed for adults living with hearing loss. This program aims to increase communication competence through education, group support, and targeted skill training to help you better cope with hearing loss.

Workshop Schedule:workshop

Class 1: Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids
  • Understand how your hearing loss impacts communication
  • Learn proper care to prolong life of your hearing aids
  • Identify common hearing aid problems and solutions
Class 2: Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)
  • Learn about types of ALDs and how they can improve communication in challenging listening situations
  • Identify which ALDs are appropriate for your hearing loss
Class 3: Nonverbal Communication and Speech Reading
  • Make better use of important nonverbal cues
  • Learn about the role of speech reading in everyday communication
  • Improve your speech reading skills
Class 4: Communication Strategies and Assertiveness Training
  • Identify communication barriers that can be easily eliminated
  • Learn to effectively repair communication breakdowns
  • Learn how to get what you need from your communication partners
  • Partners learn strategies for communicating with you!

Mark your calendars!

Listening for Life Workshops are held every Friday at 12:30pm and can be taken in any order. Workshops are offered at no charge for patients who have purchased hearing aids at the UNCG Speech and Hearing Center. Call (336) 334-5939 to register.