Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

School of Health and Human Sciences

The UNCG Speech and Hearing Center provides assessment and treatment of adult neurological disorders such as traumatic brain injury, dementia and stroke.  These services are designed to maximize the ability to speak, understand others, read and write.

What does the UNCG Speech and Hearing Center offer clients in the area of adult neurological disorders?
  • Comprehensive diagnostic assessment that will differentiate the specific type of communication disorder
  • Written diagnostic report with specific recommendations and appropriate referrals
  • Face-to-face discussion of the results and clinical interpretation of the findings from assessment
  • Treatment plan with tailored goals and skilled interventions for rehabilitation that are research-based
  • Individual or group therapy provided by skilled graduate students supervised by an ASHA-certified clinical educator with expertise in adult neurological disorders
  • Progress reports informing clients of progress toward achieving intervention goals