Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

School of Health and Human Sciences

The UNCG Speech and Hearing Center provides comprehensive diagnostic assessments and intervention for children and adults with specific speech problems such as developmental delays, speech sound disorders, apraxia of speech, and motor speech disorders.

What does the Speech and Hearing Center offer children and adults in the area of articulation disorders?
  • parent-friendly diagnostic report with “easy to understand language” including recommendations for clients, parents and teachers
  • parent reporting conference to discuss the diagnostic test results and clinical interpretations necessary for planning intervention
  • treatment plan with tailored goals and skilled interventions for remediation based upon research-based intervention approaches, for example, Cycles Approach
  • therapy services with highly trained ASHA certified speech-language pathologists/clinical educators who oversee the treatment provided by skilled graduate clinicians
  • progress report informing clients of goals met and not met, effective treatment methods and recommendations
  • individual diagnostic and therapy sessions, camp opportunities, interactive technology, and short-term intensive treatment